The Shootin' Shop
About Us

Patrick Cowen opened The Shootin Shop in May 2011 as a small mom and pop shop here in Abilene, Texas.

In just a few short years the company has grown a customer base larger than we could have ever imagined, and are now working with customers nationwide. It is because of this that we are merging with our south side location the Caroline Colt Company. Same owners but an even more competitive pricing for our customers!

Our number one priority as a business is our customers, and trying to satisfy every want and need within the gun industry. The Shootin’ Shop has carefully hired a team who not only knows how to treat a customer, but also has enough firearm knowledge to blow you away!  We not only carry all of the everyday items you are looking for, but we have those hard to find and antique firearms as well.  If you are looking for the perfect price on a firearm or accessory then The Shootin’ Shop is the place to go!

  • Patrick Cowen


    Patrick has been interested in firearms since an early age, and has grown his hobby into a successful business. His knowledge of firearms is extremely advanced, and he loves making sure customers get what they want at The Shootin’ Shop. He takes pride in the products, customers, and the industry he is working in, and strives to make The Shootin’ Shop stand out above all other gun shops!

  • Tamara Cowen


    Tamara joined the team in early 2012, and has worked putting her marketing skills to the test with The Shootin’ Shop. When she isn’t working hard at the shop, she has devoted her time to help raise awareness for The March of Dimes. Having had two preemie babies herself she has made it her mission to be a part of solving this problem. Giving just a little adds up, and in 2015 The Shootin’ Shop donated over $8500 to the March of Dimes that was helped raise from the shops customers!